The Man in The High Castle Season 1 and Season 2 (Watch Online) Free

What would´ve happened if Germany and Japan won WW2?

The Man In The High Castle is a serie where history is no the one we now. We go back to the 60's were Marylin Monroe sings to Adolf Hitler instead of John F. Kennedy where the UN Building in New York is a Nazi Buidling and where San Francisco is the New Capital in The Pacific States govern by Japanese Empire.

Is were Cold War has only two enemies Japan and Germany since the have taken all world under their power after winning WW2.

In season 1 of The Man in The High Castle the storie is about finding some videos realese by The Man in the High Castle and that both Gemany and Japan are desperetly looking for them to avoid people to have hope and defeat the two empires. The resistance has one of those videos and the storie runs on that hope for the future however, they don't know that in the meantime a conspiracy is on the horizon with the assesination of the Crown Prince of Japan who was murdered in San Francisco on a visit.

In the season 2 of the Man in The High Castle, these video are turned into hope since they could stop a Nuclear war between Japan and Germany after Hitler's death who was poisoned by german traitors who want to have the entire world under their control. Is were a family has to decide whether the future of his son and the loyalty to the  4th Reich. In which you will Berlin as Hitler dreamed and where super sonic flights are a reality through out the world.

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