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    domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

    Earn $10/day writing Capchas at MegaTypers.com

    Currently earning money online it's very easy everyday and each day it pass there are more legit sites in which you can earn some extra monye for your butget and buy the things that you can in a better way instead of using your credit card and get more debt to your finances.

    Mega Typers is a site where you earn money writing Capchas from $0.85 per 1000 word to $1.35 this depends on the hour that your are typing the capchas. The amount of money that you can make also depends on you. For example if you type per day 2000 capchas at a rate of $1.35 you're earning $2.70 per day in a week $18.90 and in a month $75.60 in your pocket!

    Payments are sent via Pay Pal on Mondays at 5pm CST and are only sent if you have in your balance $3 which if you're typing more than that is very easy to have it and even MORE!

    You can register to MegaTypers.com but you need an invitation code which I will provide. This code it's very necesary for the registration without it you won't be able to begin earning money with this site.

    Invitation CODE / Registration Code of MegaTypers.com : 1L9L

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