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TOP 5 Foods that Causes CANCER

Foods that causes Cancer

The following foods that you will see below if eaten in excess can be reasons to have cancer.

It's always recommended to have a balanced diet to prevent cancer. If you eat with moderation and exercise regularly, you can eat them. And always remember it's better to prevent rather than cure.

1 - Sausages

Because they are high in sodium nitrates.

The "Cancer Prevention Coalition" warns that children should not eat more than 12 sausages a month.

If you can not live without a delicious sausage on your hot dogs buy those that are made WITHOUT sodium nitrate.

What is sodium nitrate?

It is a colorless substance, slightly hygroscopic and highly oxidizing. Mixed with organic substances that can cause explosions. Nitrate is only slightly toxic

This substance is potentially dangerous for young children as they can cause deformities in the fetuses, cause serious damage in anemic people and are a possible cause of cancer. They have also caused numerous cases of blood poisoning (methemoglobinemia). Sodium sulfite is used to give the flesh a fresh, red appearance and eliminate the strong stench of putrefaction, even after it has turned rancid and black.

Other Applications of Sodium Nitrate:

  • Due to its nitrogen content, it is used as fertilizer.
  • Cast in mixture with sodium carbonate in the chromium obtaining of its minerals by oxidation of this metal to chromate. (CrO42-)
  • As a preservative in the food industry (E251) and in the mixture of salts used to treat meat in its preservation.
  • As an additive for cement.
  • It is one of the major ingredients of certain types of black powder.
  • Because it generates oxygen when burned, it has been used several times throughout history to get a fire that burns under water, as in the case of Greek fire.

2 - Processed meats and bacon.

It also contains high levels of sodium nitrate that also increase the risk of heart disease.
The saturated fat in bacon is also a great contributor to the generation of cancer.

Curious fact
Harvard scientists say that eating only two slices of bacon a day can increase the risk of diabetes by more than 50 percent.
Also, is not recommended to eat a lot of red meat during the week. Try to select other food choices.  

3 - Donuts

Donuts are doubly causing of cancer.

First, because they are made with fluorine, refined sugar and hydrogenated oil, then they are Frite at high temperatures.

What is hydrogenated oil?

In the vegetable oil industry, hydrogenation is a chemical process by which oils are transformed into solid fats by the addition of hydrogen at high pressures and temperatures, and in the presence of a catalyst.
Donuts are the first "food" of all that you can eat that will highly elevate your risk of cancer.

4 - French fries

As well as donuts, potato chips are made with hydrogenated oils and then cooked at high temperatures.

They also contain acrylamides that are generated during the cooking process at high temperatures.

Curious fact: Acrylamides are formed in tobacco smoke and exhaust pipes. Recently, it has been discovered that acrylamides can also be formed in foods cooked at high temperature by a chemical reaction of sugars and amino acids. Therefore, if you hear about acrylamides in food, keep in mind that it is not an additive that manufacturers add or a contaminant residue, but a compound that is generated involuntarily inside some foods that They are rich in starch and have been cooked.

5 - Snacks and cookies

What are the collations?

Snacks are snacks, snacks or snacks, that is, small portions of food eaten between two strong meals, either mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Snacks diminish your appetite between main meals, helping you avoid getting to the table by starving and eating too much.
All these are usually made with fluoride and sugar.

Even those whose labels are proudly presented as free of transgenic fats generally contain it only in smaller quantities.

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