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    lunes, 23 de julio de 2012

    Spondored Tweets' Payments

    Recently I got paid and with tht I prove that Sponsored Tweets is a site that pays no matter what the amount of money that you have on your account even if this amount is less than the minimun they required us to get pay. 

    The total amount of both payments is $21.32, it could've been more around $25.32 but because I ask for the payment before having $50 required to pay they charge me a fee of $2 each transaction. Despite the fact of the fees it is an important amount that I've recieved since earning money online nowadays it's very defficult.

    But before showing you the payment proofs I have to talk about thi system in which you earn mony buy tweeting sponsored tweets in this site and you get an amount of money for each of your followers click on this tweets. But for registering to this site you need at less a Twitter account that has 50 followers and more that three month being active. Let me tell you that the payments are sent via PayPal so.. 

    Payment Proof of Sponsored Tweets $18.12 and $3.20



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