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    martes, 18 de julio de 2017

    May 2017 | Dream Hostel, Kiev, Ukraine (my exprience)

    Yesterday I wrote about my exprience in this place in Spanish, now is the time to tell the experience in English.

    My experience at Dream Hostel in Kiev, Ukraine started on may 12th and ended on monday of the followign week for the 3 nights that I was there I paid 1440 UAH ($54.14). The reservation was adquired in Hostel World App in this case the payment was subimitted before the arrival due to the Eurovision Song Contest season.

    Before the arrival to the hostal I requested a service to Dream Hostel that cost me 500 UAH ($17.24) when I arrived to Boryspil Airport in Kiev on may 12th, it took me a little bit long since I was not expected to take that much time getting the Ukrainian Visa (see Visa upon Arrival in Ukraine article), well the driver waited for me for 30 minutes until I was able to recognized him and after many emails to Dream Hostel which let me tell you they answered everything on that matter.

    Once I met the drive and he was taking me from the airport to Kiev since is 50 km away from the city I was amazed since I thought that it was a dream but finally was a reality after all this years waiting to see live the Eurovision Song Contest... well I was going to be in the final rehearsal lookiing everything as it was the real final. While getting to the hostal I was impressed about Kiev a really cute and clean city nothing compare to the news I watched when they had the crisis in 2014-2015.

    Once we got to Dream Hostel, which is located in a centric part of the city but sorrounded by embassies and many other places of interest, also closed to metro stations and the funicular which we are going to talk in another occasion.

    I got to the recepcion of Dream Hostel and the people assisted me and they were really friendly when I got there. Since I paid already the 3 nights that I was there I had to paid only 20-30 UAH (no more than a dollar) for a deposit for the locker key and the towels. They they provided me with the room card the towel and I went with a friendly lady up stairs to the 3rd floor of the house.

    When I got to my room which has 6 bunk beds I slept in the Bed F near the window when I got there I decided to rest from the long trip I had from Madrid to Kiev, even though they were things there was no one at that moment on the room then I discovered that my roomates were a nice young group that if I not mistaken they were from US or UK and they I discover that they were for Eurovision also. I was not able to have that much conversation because I was really shy at that moment it just remind me when I started workign almost 5 years ago and was on same situation and now I am all the opposite but on trip I had the same kind of issues. It was kind of difficult since English is not first language also since is Spanish. I also noticed that I was the first salvadorean to visit the place =D

    I had a nap for a couple of ours and then I decided to see where I was going to have my bath and the bathroom each floor it shares 2 places one for bath and the other to wash your teeth and other things you do there. I noticed that the places they looked the same as the pictures I saw in Hostel World app so I was really satisfied.

    As I said before Hoste Dream is really close to many places in Kiev and has access to metro stations, funicular, buses and trolley cars. The metro station that I used the most it was the Kontraktova Ploshcha (Контрактова площа), which you can take to Maidan National Square Station that is like the main station for the Metro Network in Kiev since is the union of the 3 lines that the city currently has.


    Another thing that I has to be careful with was the language since I did not know that much russian or ukrainian, to be honest until now I am still in baby steps on those languages but fortunatly I know English and that save my life.

    Dream Hostel has a restaurant that's called Cafe Druzi is a nice place where to go and have a meal or drinks with your friends if you are going in groups or in my case alone. Let me tell you that all people that work there is really kind and the girls and guys thay work there are cute specailly the guys in my case. But in my case in love with many of the guys that I saw there and in Kiev. Well if you go to Cafe Druzi is a nice place and also cheap and when you can have you first experience with the local food. I eat a Omelette with mint and chicken that I was in love with that I hope to have that experience again as well as many other plates they have. 

    Well really recommended the place whether you stay in a group or alone like me. Thye have Wi-Fi the password comes in the room card that they give you at the beginning as well as the have Laundry, a place where you can connect to Internet with a computer there is aslo a taxi service for the different airports in Kiev with almost the same price as the one I got to get there. 
    I hope to have another chance to be there in Kiev and visit Dream Hostel. Thank you for the good service!

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