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3 Sites to Get More Traffic to Your Blog (For Free)

Drive traffic to your blog

Driving traffic is has always a challenge when you are starting a blog or site. Here I will show you 3 sites to drive traffic from Social Media.

1 Kingdom Likes 

Drive traffic to your website

Kingdom Likes is a site where you can drive traffic to your website through Social Media, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
Also, it can help you to make more popular a single post on many of the social media, like a picture, video, audio, etc.

You can get Free Points by liking or sharing other content and also you can follow them as well. 

If you would like to get more traffic just from your country, Kingdom Likes also allows you to select that specific country, all of them or as many countries you would like your content to be shared.

During any day the website gives you 200 points for free as a bonus but you have to do 100* clicks first. And you can do that every day. Even more, you don't have to spend them right away since the get accumulate so once you need them you can use them.

Tip: The site gives you the allowance to place your content and give anyone who shares it from 8 - 10. The highest you points you have, let's say you choose  10 points the more your content is going to be share or like in the social media you have chosen.
*Updated 04/10/2019: Since a couple of days the daily clicks has changed from 50 to 100 to get the 200 points.

There are also points that you can buy, starting from $10.00 for 1500 points. 

Once you paid for points, you get the allowance to use from 4 - 15 points per click on your content. 

Click Here to Visit Kingdom Likes

2 LikesTool

Drive Traffic to your website

LikesTool works the same as Kingdom Likes but the advantage of this site is that you have more Social Media to share your content like Vkontakte and Vimeo that are not in Kingdom Likes.

Therefore another advantage is that they provide 300 Coins daily for 50 clicks that you do on your own. 

The Coins per click are from 2 - 10 Coins. You can also get Paid Coins, the packages start from 2001 for $6 up to 600,000 for $1000.

3 Viral Content Bee

Get More traffic to your website

Viral Content Bee, the last one but not least. 

In this site, the campaigns are considerd as projects which you can do for Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can choose one fo the platforms to share or the 3 of them at the time to share an article of your blog or any pin you would like to get more traffic on Pinterest (linked to an article). 

In this case, the points per click for your content are the following 4 points for Pinterest and 2 points for Twitter and Tumblr.

In this site, you cannot select the countries that your content is going to be shared but you can select the category of your content to rank 1st on the category list of Viral Content Bee,

If you would like to get Credits (points) for money the only package they have is 200 Credits for $20.

If you like this article or have any doubts about the websites shown here let me know in the comments. Also, I would appreciate if you could share if you like the content 😁

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